Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut Builds a Successful Career

Filipe Monteiro is a successful business owner who lives in Milford, Connecticut. He was born in Portugal in 1980 and began his military service when he was only sixteen years old. He dedicated himself to his country and he was proud to be able to serve his people. He moved from basecamp to basecamp throughout the country and wherever he was stationed, he gave back to the community. He enjoyed helping other people and was eventually assigned to a special project that involved reestablishing communities. After many years of service, he left the military and decided to move to the United States.

Filipe Monteiro started working odd jobs in Connecticut when he was only twenty-two years old. He gained experience in a number of fields. One day, a close friend of his recommended that Monteiro should start his own company. At the time, Monteiro had no experience with establishing or running a business. Therefore, he spent the next few years developing the skills that he would need. He improved his English and he focused on reaching his goals. IN 2006, when he was just twenty-six years old, he created Monteiro’s Masonry Construction, LLC in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Monteiro’s Masonry Construction, LLC offers clients quality masonry work. The company takes on any project no matter what the size, and Monteiro always makes sure that construction sites are clean and hazard free. Some of the materials that Monteiro’s Masonry Construction, LLC use are brick, stone, glass blocks, granite, travertine, and concrete. Filipe Monteiro strives to provide his clients with the best services. He enjoys meeting new people and developing new professional relationships.

In 2010, Filipe Monteiro took on another challenge. He became a real estate investor as well as a business owner. Throughout the years, he has purchased properties and the either resold them or rented them out to tenants. Filipe Monteiro of Connecticut enjoys analyzing the real estate market and learning about new opportunities in Connecticut. Monteiro has spent years building his career in the real estate industry. He is a dedicated business professional who cares about his employees as well as his company. Monteiro loves to take on new challenges in his professional life as well as his business life. He looks forward to building his company as well as his career. Filipe Monteiro lives in Milford, Connecticut with his dog and operates a construction firm that serves the Tri-State area. He enjoys working towards success.

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